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About ICDA

For over fifty years, the Indiana Choral Directors Association has served as the primary advocate for choral music in the Hoosier state.  Organized as a state chapter of the American Choral Directors Association, ICDA provides resources and creates community for member choral conductors of all types throughout Indiana.  Among its major activities each year, ICDA hosts a three-day Summer Conference, sponsors the Indiana All-State Honor Choir at the IMEA Professional Development Conference and the All-State Jazz Choir at the ICDA Summer Conference, and publishes a newsletter titled Notations.  District Representatives serve as liaisons between the state-level organization and members in each ISSMA Zone.  Repertoire and Resource Chairs share expertise in diverse specialty areas through reading and interest sessions, articles, and maintaining ISSMA repertoire lists.

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ICDA Leadership

The ICDA board meets quarterly and all are welcome to attend.  The board is comprised of the president, vice president, president-elect, treasurer, secretary, the all state choir chair, the Notations editor, district representatives, repertoire & standards chairs and any appointed committee chairs. Click here for the directory of 2020-2021 board members.

Executive Committee

Michael Hummel

President Elect
Andrea Drury

Vice President 
Kerry Glann
Paula Alles 
Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 5.55.26 PM.png
Melissa Walsh


All-State Choir Coordinator

Annisa Bradley

All-State Choir
Assistant Coordinator
Brian Adcock
All-State Jazz Choir Coordinator
Brenda Buchanan

At Large

Notations Editor

Chuck Bradley

Chuck Bradley.jpg

District Representatives

District I -    Aaron Riegle

District II -  Tavis Schlicker

District III - Sarah Kavanagh

District IV - Jennifer Kitzmiller

District V -   Mark Yount 

District VI -  Michael Dean

District VIII - Ryan Knight

District VIII - Kyle Broady

Repertoire & Resources

Youth Coordinator - David Stone

Children/Community Youth Chair - David Stone

Junior High/Middle School Chair - David Stone

Senior High School Chair - Angela Hampton

Collegiate Coordinator - Jeshua Franklin

College/University Chair - Jeshua Franklin

Lifelong Coordinator - Andrea Drury

Community Choirs Chair - Andrea Drury

Music in Worship Chair - Matt Kauffman

Repertoire Specific Coordinator - Dan Andersen

World Music & Cultures Chair - Madlen Batchvarova

Men's Chorus Chair - Dan Andersen

Vocal Jazz Chair - Erica Colter

         Women's Chorus Chair - Dan Borns

Show Choir Chair - Kyle Barker

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